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Matching YOUR vision with our artists to create an amazing expression.


With a deep background in the roots of our industry, Revolution Tattoo Co. is able to create the classic elements that have been around for decades.

From the zodiac to country symbols, pop culture to family memories, we have the ability to take the tried and true and make it fresh and new.

Something as basic as block lettering to as intricate as a historic mandala, a single, stand alone and signature image is something that is meaningful to you and will be created with the time, effort and care that it deserves.




Your tattoo should be unique to YOU. We will work with you to create something that aligns with your passion, your vision, your inspiration for body art.

Not only are we able to re-create images that you’ve brought with you, we are able to sit down and discuss your vision and create something from scratch.

Share with us your thoughts and the motivations and meanings behind the imagery and we’ll work together to sketch the perfect picture that says a thousand words.






Tattoos can be a bonding experience and certainly one of the most personal expressions somebody can make.

No matter if it's mother/daughter, best friends or battle buddies, sharing a common bond that is both dear to your heart and on display for others to see if a meaningful statement. We’ve got hundreds of ideas of where to start and of course are happy to schedule a longer session to accommodate everyone in your group.




Large Scale Work
Expansive pieces of work tie together a story. A multi-session strategy when it comes to your canvas is where the RIGHT artist comes into play.

It's not just about applying the ink, it's about seeing the forest for the trees. We do full arms, backs, legs, chests, and backs. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to be of service to you.






Revolution Tattoo Co. is full of traditions and
culture. See for yourself!

First Timers

If you’ve gotten this far, you obviously have something in mind. You’ve given yourself to think about design, placement, and are now looking at where, when and with who. Understand that every person you see with a tattoo, at one point, had to sit down to get THEIR first tattoo too! We’re here to welcome you to the family.

Solid Veterans

You’ll see when you step into the shop that its got all the traditions of shops you’ve been in before as well as the history and experience to measure up and we believe surpass those very same shops. You’ll know by the quality of our work, the ability of our artists, the precision of our equipment and even the integrity of our ink. We’re here to do a great job the first time, the last time and every time. We’re happy to touch up past work, incorporate new art into existing sleeves and become your new “guy” for future work.

Cover Ups and Removal

Sometimes you’re looking for something updated, changed or quite frankly, taken off. Give us a call, shoot us a quick pic and let’s talk about what we can do. The best cover ups are the ones that look like new original works. We’re happy to have the conversation and quite frankly are always excited by the challenge. It’s not about what was, its about what can be.

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Revolution Tattoo is a tattoo shop located in New York. Matching your vision with our artists to create an amazing expression


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